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Public Hearing - Road Vacation
Nov 07, 2011





A public hearing was called to order by Chairman Krueger on November 7, 2011 at 6:30 p.m. to take public comment regarding the vacation of Swoboda Lane, Eastwind Drive, Larsen Lane, Neshota Lane, Golf Lane and Un-named Road off of Steve’s Cheese Road.  Notice of public meeting read by Chairman Krueger.

Wade Berger of Denmark, WI regarding vacation of Eastwind Drive.  All land owners and the Town will incur litigation costs if acted upon and will seek damages.  All land owners can recoup cost of litigation.  Does not believe all land owners and leasee along Hwy T were notified of vacation.  He has provided the Board with three statements from State, County and DNR in support of position to not vacate.  By vacating this road, it creates a non-conforming parcel which contradicts other roads which have been considered.  Chapter 236 requires all public land dedicated to the public being considered for vacation shall require all land owners to submit a written request to vacate and this has not occurred.  Reversion of Eastwind Drive is unclear without Court intervention. 

Mike Vakselis of 5228 S. Cty Hwy T states he purchased his property from Wade Berger and in accordance with their Offer to Purchase and from Mr. Berger and the realtor’s representation, their home was accessed by a shared private driveway. Their address is South Highway T.  They share all maintenance and snow removal with the Lasees.   The Vakselis prefer it is a private driveway but request time to draft a legal agreement with the Lasees as they understand the driveway will go back to the original owners and currently would not have access to their home.  Mr. Vakselis would request the Board table until the next meeting, so they can work out an agreement with the Lasees for a shared driveway.  When they purchased the property they were under the assumption this was a private driveway.  

Steve Larsen of County Highway KB questions what portion of Neshota Lane being vacated and how he can access his parcel of land.  CSM reviewed.  Neshota Lane will end at the lot line and he can still  access the parcel.  Chairman Krueger states bridge will be barricaded for safety reasons. 

Chairman Krueger inquires if there is any more public comment.  None.  Meeting adjourned at 6:40 p.m.

Prepared by: Michelle Wallerius, Clerk

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