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Annual Town Meeting
Apr 12, 2011



APRIL 12, 2011 @ 7:00 pm

The Annual Town Meeting for the Town of New Denmark was called to order by Chairman Krueger on April 12, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.   Minutes from the 2010 Annual Town Meeting were read and a motion was made by Keith Brunner and seconded by Mike Calewarts to approve as read.  MC 

Review of 2010 Financial Report:   Paul Huguet inquires if prior year could be put on year end report as an easy comparison.  Kathy Janssen inquires about reduction of shared revenues.  Chairman Krueger states it is anticipated highway aids will be reduced by 3% with shared revenues reduced by 24% and the recycling grant will be eliminated for 2012.  Total loss of State aid is estimated to be $20,000.  Greg Lacenski inquires as to legal fees.  For 2009 the Town spent $17,000 and 2010 - $20,000.  Legal fees higher due to 3 pending lawsuits. Warren Johnson questions if the Town’s attorney needs to be present for every meeting.  Chairman Krueger feels he is an asset because of pending court cases and offers legal advice and direction during the meetings.

Updates from the Chairman:  In 2010 N. Town Hall Bridge project was completed.  North Avenue and Ronk roads were chipped sealed.  Langes Corners was resurfaced.   The Town is moving forward with appointing a Zoning Administrator.  911 Fire signs to be updated by 2012 and those will be installed this summer by Lange Enterprises.  Board to conduct a road tour/inspection in two weeks for damages or drainage concerns.  Sup. Rabas states 2 inches of blacktop will be added to N. Town Hall Road by bridge this spring/summer.  

Phil Petersen questions repairs to Hwy R & T.  Chairman Krueger states Brown County is holding a meeting regarding road improvement next week and will discuss anticipated projects at that time.

Jessie Chada of 6460 Kvitek Road inquires as to drainage concerns from Kvitek Road.  Culvert added last year but has not helped the problem.  This is the second year in which their mound system has failed due to the flooding issues and Kvitek road has had ½ inch of water flowing over the road.  She is concerned this raises a safety issue.  Bd states Kvitek is on the list to inspect and will review what can be done to improve the water flow. 

Steve Stein of 5809 Cty Hwy P raises concern about the lack of snow plowing by Brown Cty.  Travel on Langes Corners and Pine Grove extremely difficult.  If snow accumulation was 4 inches or more the snow was left on the roadway for up to 30 hours before first plow came through.  He believes Bielinski has done a fine job clearing snow on their roads.  Concern raised for elderly or those that have a medical need.    Michelle Wallerius, Clerk concurs with those complaints and W. Cherney Road would not be plowed for a full day and a half after heavy snow.  Steve Stein questions amount charged by County vs. Bielinski and feels County is too busy clearing highways and county roads to tend to Town roads.  Clerk states County’s invoice for February/March were half the cost of Bielinski’s invoice ($6,000 compared to $18,000).

Mike Calewarts of 5615 Park Road states due to budget cuts, the Town has 2 elected positions which could be combined or eliminated as a cost saving measure.  Other Towns have combined the Clerk/Treasurer position into one and the Assessor position could be bid out which would result in a substantial savings.  He has nothing against the individuals in these positions and feels they do a good job, but the Town needs to be run like a business and look at cost saving measures.  Sup. Goetsch states taxes cannot be raised for a period of 2 years and it something the Board can look at.

Warren Johnson states the Town Board is the highest paid in the area when compared to other municipalities in Brown and Manitowoc County. 

Greg Fischer of 5068 Highway T questions snow removal on Highway T and sees the snow plowing when there is very little snow on the street.  Sup. Goetsch states they do not oversee snow removal or grass cutting on the County Highways as that is maintained by Brown County. 

Sup. Goetsch inquires if members of the public wish to make annual donations to the Denmark Senior Center or VFW Shelter House at Memorial Park.  Motion by Dawn Chervenka to donate $1,000 to the Denmark Senior Center.  Seconded by Kathy Calewarts.  MC  unanimously.   Motion by Kathy Janssen to donate $1,200 to the Veterans Memorial Shelter House.  Seconded by Steve Stein.  MC unanimously.  Sup. Rabas raises concern the Village of Denmark is looking to raise fees to maintain the ball diamonds and charge individual groups that utilize the concession stands to generate revenue.  He feels many kids in New Denmark utilize these ball diamonds and a donation to the league to offset these fees would be beneficial.  Motion by Steve Chada to donate $500 to the Denmark Youth Baseball and Softball League.  Seconded by Jill Johnson.  MC unanimously.

 Motion by Colette Blum-Miester and seconded by Keith Brunner to adjourn at 7:40 p.m. MC


Michelle Wallerius, Clerk

Approved:  Draft Minutes

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