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Mar 08, 2010

MARCH 8, 2010

The regular monthly meeting for the Town of New Denmark was called to order on Monday, March 8, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Bill Krueger. After the Pledge of Allegiance the Minutes from February’s regular monthly meeting were read and Sup. Rabas states under New Business, Road Bridge should be reflected to clarify re-order of agenda items. A motion is made by Sup. Goetsch and seconded by Sup. Rabas to approve. MC


TREASURER’S REPORT: The Treasurer’s books show a balance on hand of $706,869.83 in the money market and $40,830.83 in checking. January and February settlements reviewed. Motion made by Sup. Rabas and seconded by Sup. Goetsch to accept report. MC

COMMENTS and CONCERNS FOR THE PUBLIC: Frank Wiltman requests that the Board speak louder as it is difficult to hear the business being conducted.

OLD BUSINESS: Sup. Rabas presents Census booklet from Town’s Association and highlights the importance of everyone’s participation for allocation of funds for each community. Sup. Goetsch inquires as to status of road abandonment. Clerk reports Atty. Sickel will begin drafting Resolutions once he receives confirmation from the Bd as to the roads in question. Sup. Rabas to contact Atty. Sickel to discuss. D. Kasten sent certified letter to remove outdoor wood burner or conform to setbacks. Bd did not establish deadline to comply, thus it was not included in letter.


APPROVE INFORMATIONAL BUILDING & CULVERT PERMITS: Richard/Brian Bradley of 6701 Cty Rd R to construct 60 x 150 loafing barn. Motion by Sup. Rabas and seconded by Sup. Goetsch to accept. MC D. Lesperance of 5935 Park Road to replace existing siding. Motion by Sup. Goetsch and 2nd by Sup. Rabas to accept. MC D. Polzin of 4785 N. County P for 54 ft addition to existing building w/ 25 setback. Motion by Sup. Rabas and 2nd by Sup. Goetsch to accept. MC

ASSESSOR’S REPORT: Working on tax roll. In April, will have a better idea for Bd of Review date. Sup. Rabas states he received certification for Board of Review.

SOLICIT BIDS for GARBAGE/RECYCLING CONTRACT: Clerk advises contract with Veolia will expire in June of 2010. Board authorizes Clerk to solicit bids from local service providers and publish request for bids in newspaper.

ROAD & BRIDGE REPORT: Sup. Rabas states Weyers if offering 10% of parts for tractor. Received letter from Lange Enterprise indicating a price reduction for 911 signs. All signs need to be updated by 2012. Discussion whether it would be private bill to residents or on tax roll. Sup. Rabas states fire numbers for K&L on hold until County clarifies some issues with the CSM. Sup. Rabas to contact Town of Cooperstown to have weight limit restrictions posted on Town roads.

AWARD CONTRACT FOR N. TOWN HALL BRIDGE PROJECT: Letter from Ayres indicating all bids were reviewed and ranked for N. Town Hall Bridge project. Motion by Sup. Goetsch and seconded by Sup. Rabas to accept lowest bid – Advance Construction for $139,651. MC. Request to have representative from Advance available at next meeting to discuss the project.

CORRESPONDENCE: Flyer from Clean Water Testing to conduct Town wide water sampling. Clerk to include in Newsletter and Bd will determine whether to participate in program based on resident interest. Ltr from Ayres with proposed rates to oversee/inspect work of W. Town Hall Bridge. County will also provide inspection for an hourly rate vs. flat rate. Sup. Rabas recommends they contract with Brown County and will request a formal proposal. Shoreline Application from WPS trenching lines which relates to Shirley Wind Farms. Property not located in New Denmark. Ltr from Atty. Sickel indicating Order to Raze Mischler/Bruflat properties consolidated into Br. 2. Further proceedings to be rescheduled.

PAYMENT OF BILLS: Motion by Sup. Rabas and seconded by Sup. Goetsch to pay bills. MC

Motion by Sup. Goetsch and seconded by Sup. Rabas to adjourn at 8:07 p.m. MC

Prepared by: Michelle Wallerius, Clerk
Approved: April 12, 2010

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