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Plan Commission Meeting Minutes
Jul 20, 2010


July 20, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.

A meeting of the Plan Commission was called to order on Tuesday, July 20, 2010 at 7:00 pm. by Chairman Krueger. Present: Chairman William Krueger, Paul Huguet, Kathy Janssen, Steve Olsen, Norbert Hansen, Keith Brunner, Francis Rabas and Michelle Wallerius, Clerk.

ZONING ADMINISTRATOR POSITION: Clerk states she spoke with Dale Fiddler and provided him with job description. He was unaware of any potential offer from the Town of Scott and currently works full time and performs building inspector duties for the Town of Eaton. Currently does not perform Zoning Administrator duties and unsure he could fill both roles while maintaining a full time job. Keith Brunner feels a member of the community could fill this role and should be posted for applicants. Advertisement to be placed in The Denmark News and Town newsletter which will be published in August. Discussion if someone should inquire of Norb Buresh how long he intends to fill building inspector role as the position may be more attractive if combined. Salary to be determined at later date

Title Abstract for ND-57 to determine if grandfathered parcel:
Property presently owned by George Warden and submitted by Amanda Olejniczak, realtor. Property totals 18.89 acres and abstracts dates back to 1947. Large conservancy through property, home would be need to be located at least 75 feet from edge of conservancy and the DNR would need to make a determination whether a culvert/bridge would be required to cross the navigable stream which is all dependent upon where someone would propose the location of a home. If grandfathered, property does not need to be rezoned. Chairman Krueger states he would prefer to see a house on waste land vs. prime farmland. Francis Rabas questions whether Smart Growth would dictate whether this is a buildable parcel and whether it would be part of the working lands – which would be attached to the Warden farm in the Town of Eaton. Chairman Krueger states the Town only needs to determine whether it is a grandfathered parcel and acceptable for a home. They are not required to determine where a home “could be built” as that is determined by the lay of the land and the Town zoning requirements. Kathy Janssen read p. 34 from the Smart Growth Plan. “Lots of record established prior to August 12, 1974 must comply with the setback requirements of the Agricultural Zone but no minimum lot size is required. Keith Brunner recommends this be attached to the Plan Commission findings. Motion by Steve Olsen and seconded by Norb Hansen to state ND-57 is a grandfathered parcel and attach highlighted portion of p. 34.

Mark Schlies re-zoning request for 1.5 acres from ND-415 for single family home: CSM not submitted with request. Kathy Janssen states parcels separated in 1993. Chairman Krueger requests Mr. Schlies present his proposal to the Commission. ND-415 was originally an old farm site with existing well which will be abandoned. His original intent was to build his home at this site, but it would not perk. The regulations have now been relaxed and this site can sustain a mound system. Home would be for his son and the land has not been farmed for the past 6-8 years. Request is for 1.5 from the 18.8 acre which is a short 20 and at some point separated from a 40. Kathy Janssen states this is farmland, does not meet the 35 acre requirement and not in the area designated for residential development. Mr. Schlies states he has other 40 acre parcels, but was looking to preserve the farm land and utilize this site since it was originally a former home site and not being farmed.

William Krueger – No Francis Rabas – No Keith Brunner - No
Kathy Janssen – No Norbert Hansen - No
Paul Huguet – No Steve Olsen - No

7-0 Vote to not recommend rezoning. Public hearing to be held August 9, 2010 at 6:45 p.m..

Working Lands Imitative: Francis Rabas presents Town map and states the Town is to present a map to Brown County by August 31 for review and consideration. Chairman Krueger states the State/County is looking for large blocks of land which consists of 10/20/40 acre parcels which may interconnect with various municipalities and counties. The State will then decide which tracts of land would be accepted in to program. Preservation is centered around 5/6 larger counties to prevent urban sprawl from larger municipalities. The Town presently has 47 units in the Farmland Preservation Act Program and received approximately $115,000 in aid. Ledgeview pulled out of the program completely.

Percentage of aid received based off of income and acts as a rebate, but then counted toward income for following year. Dividend of $7.50 to $10.00 an acre to be divided between selected units. Mike Calewarts believes conversion penalties paid will help supplement the fees paid to the farmer as income. Discussion how many in the Town would be affected if Town does not participate – 10% of the tax bill. Once enrolled, participation is for a minimum of 10-15 years. Steve Olsen believes there is not enough to the tax incentive to join the program. Whether the Town joins or opts out there will likely be good and bad repercussions. Additionally, the County does not have to accept the proposed map.

Mike Calewarts feels the Town of New Denmark does not have prime land to participate in the program due to the lay of the land – river valley in the middle, parkway and Village located centrally in the middle. Under the current Farmland Preservation Act those enrolled can collect for 2010 and 2011. Motion by Steve Olsen to not participate in the Working Lands Initiative. No second at this time. Motion fails.

Plan Commission to take no action until more answers can be provided and State has a better handling of what is anticipated. Keith Brunner states it changes every week. It may be beneficial one day and not the other.

Motion by Francis Rabas to adjourn at 8:30 p.m. Seconded by Keith Brunner. MC

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