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Draft - 2010 Annual Meeting Minutes
Apr 13, 2010

APRIL 13, 2010 @ 7:00 pm

The Annual Town Meeting for the Town of New Denmark was called to order by Chairman Krueger on April 13, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. Minutes from the 2009 Annual Town Meeting were read and a motion was made by Gary Moore and seconded by Jim Crawford to approve as read. MC

Updates from the Chairman: Atty. Sickel is in the process of reviewing road/driveway abandonment. He is working on frontage issues before finalizing the Resolutions. Bridge work for Town Hall Road to start after June 15. Advance Construction states the project will take 3 weeks start to finish. Last year – the Town completed work on Steves Cheese and Park Road bridges. The silt fence on Park Road will be removed when the grass reaches the appropriate height. The Planning Commission is working on aligning the Zoning Code with the Comprehensive Plan and has been meeting monthly to accomplish this task. A Zoning Administrator position will also be created.

2009 Annual Report: The 2009 Annual Financial Report was reviewed, highlights of revenues and expenditures discussed. Copy of the 2008 report available for comparison. Clerk reports the Recycling Grant for 2010 will increase because it was not necessary to offset the fees collected for this service.

Garbage/Recycling contract: The Board will be reviewing new contracts for garbage/recycling services for 2010. Steve Olsen inquires if there will be cost associated with new carts or who owns the present carts. Question why Town uses carts when Village can use bags. Joe Kobes questions upgrade to larger carts or unlimited bags.

Jim Crawford inquires of the Board if they are comfortable with year end balances. Sup. Goetsch inquires as to difference in taxes collected from 2008 / 2009. The Treasurer states it is determined by the amount collected in December vs. January. The January settlement carries over. The current available bank balance is $695,000.

Peterson Lane: Eric Nellis of 5256 Peterson Lane makes a formal request for a section of Peterson Lane to be moved due to a blind spot in the road/yard and because it runs less then 10 feet from their front door. They have 3 children under the age of 5 and he is greatly concerned for their safety. Submits CSM which proposed the road be moved. The well for the property has now been moved and he has spoken with Jack and Rick Peterson and they are willing to donate the land that is needed to move the road. The present road is crumbling and never received proper bedding when constructed. The Nellis’ have been surprised by the number of vehicles that utilize the road and the snow plow literally pushes the snow into their front door. He has circulated a petition and has 89 resident signatures in support of this request. Sup. Goetsch questions past Minutes and asks Sup. Rabas for historical view of this situation. CSM was never accepted or discussed by the Town Board. Mike Calewarts believes the tax payers should be not pay for this expense and falls under the “buyer beware” clause when he purchased the property. As the land owner he could re-build the road and dedicate it back to the Town, but that should be at his expense and not the tax payer. Mr. Nellis states when he purchased the property he was advised the CSM was accepted and it would be up to them to work with the Town to move forward with re-construction. Chairman Krueger states a prospective buyer inquired of the Board of this situation prior to putting an Offer to Purchase on the property and was advised the CSM was not recognized by the Town and the Town has no intention to improve or change Peterson Lane. Steve Olsen inquires if the house can be moved vs. the road. Eric Nellis states he is concerned about the safety of his children. Joe Kobes states the road has been inexistence for 80-90 years. Art Peterson did the Town a favor when he allowed the road to run through his yard vs. the having the Town construction a bridge to access the land in back. Jim Crawford inquires as to the cost of moving the road vs. the cost of a fence. Due to the landscape of the land, Eric Nellis states Sandy Kobes would be willing to provide the fill. Sup. Rabas states a specific base is required when constructing a road. Norb Hansen states back in the 70’s when Art was the blacksmith, the number of vehicles and traffic through that yard was worse then it is today. Gary Moore states it is not unusual for property owners to have a road run through their property. He understands the Nellis’ plight but there are other properties that fall in this same situation. Chairman Krueger states he understands the Nellis’ concern but the Town needs to consider the excessive cost of constructing a new road for the Town as whole and the community. Eric Nellis questions what road repairs will be made to Peterson Lane this year. Discussion if chip seal to be applied or repatched. Joe Kobes states the Town needs to consider the potential liability with small children and the blind curve in the road. Discussion if removing the barn would eliminate the blind spot. Chairman Krueger states the Board will look at proposed improvements. He would recommend to stake out any proposed changes and the Board would review. Since 90 residents expressed they were not opposed to moving the road, Jim Crawford questions if he can make a motion the Board obtain a cost estimate to move the road. Motion cannot be made. Norb Hansen states he raised four children close to the railroad tracks and children need to learn to respect prospective dangers.

Joe Lacenski requests the Town look at culvert off of Kvitek Road. He also inquires as to the Board’s intent with Ag-exclusive zoning and their position. The Plan Commission is reviewing these changes, but changes are still being made by the State, so the Town will continue to monitor.

Gary Moore questions whether the west end of Old Settler’s Lane from Maribel Road was considered for abandonment? It was not on the list to abandon as it would land lock a parcel of land owned by Melvin Olsen as the river cuts through his property limiting his access.

Dave Schlies of 6452 Old Settlers Road states he has no complaints about current grass cutting and understands the Board has taken measures to save money the last few years with tight budgets, but would recommend the Town cut to the fence line in the next year or two to prevent large growth trees from developing. Problem arose in the past and right-of-ways needed to be logged out.

Linda Feller requests when the Board reviews garbage contracts to see if something can be addressed about putting out carts within a certain timeframe. There is a 24 hour window, but some residents have their garbage out 2 to 3 days in advance. Board to police and will take into consideration.

Floyd Bucher would like to thank the Clerk for the information posted on the website.

Kathy Janssen makes a motion to donate $1,000 to the Denmark Senior Center and $1,200 to the Veterans Memorial Shelter House. Seconded by Gary Moore. MC unanimously.

Motion by Gary Moore and seconded by Floyd Bucher to adjourn at 8:05 p.m. MC unanimously.

Prepared by: Michelle Wallerius, Clerk
Attendance Sheet Attached

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