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Regular Monthly Meeting
Apr 12, 2010

APRIL 12, 2010

The regular monthly meeting for the Town of New Denmark was called to order on Monday, April 12, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Krueger. After the Pledge of Allegiance the Minutes from March’s regular monthly meeting were read. Sup. Rabas states Minutes should reflect North Town Hall Bridge. A motion is made by Sup. Rabas and seconded by Sup. Goetsch to approve with revision. MC


TREASURER’S REPORT: The Treasurer’s books show a balance on hand of $656,052.35 in the money market and $39,740.66 in checking. Motion made by Sup. Goetsch and seconded by Sup. Rabas to accept report. MC


OLD BUSINESS: Sup. Rabas makes a motion to send a second letter to Dave Kasten with 30 day notice to remove outdoor wood burner. Seconded by Sup. Goetsch. MC Legal Update to Order to Raze Mischler/Bruflat properties: Atty. Sickel states status conf. with Judge Warpinski set for April 20th. Appears they will proceed with Mischler hearing. Roger Leroy hired by Town to conduct home inspection and cost analysis to repair property in anticipation of trial. Atty. Sickel would recommend the Town rescind Bruflat Order to Raze as he does not anticipate the Court would grant the Order to Raze due to improper service on Ms. Howell (vendor on a land contract) and due to some medical and personal concerns with Ms. Bruflat. Motion by Sup. Goestch to rescind current Order to Raze Resolution 2008-08-01 and authorize inspection of property with itemized listing of necessary repairs to be considered by the Board. Seconded by Sup. Rabas. MC Vacating Town Roads: Atty. Sickel met with Sup. Rabas to review proposed roads to be vacated and has prepared 12 Resolutions. Ten roads have joint property owners and need further review. Once resolutions are passed a hearing will be conducted within 40 days and property owners need 30 day notice prior to hearing. Recommendation to continue review of the 10 additional roads prior to proceeding to avoid multiple hearings. Atty. Sickel requests the Bd allow him to hire a title company to prepare legal description of these roads and research current property owners. Motion by Sup. Rabas and seconded by Sup. Goetsch to hire title company and prepare balance of Resolutions for next month’s meeting. MC.


Sup. Rabas states he is opposed to a plaque at the Town Hall which would pay tribute to Veterans of Foreign Wars with individual names on it. He received calls from people who were opposed to this tribute. He believes the Town should do a generalized plaque similar to the one at the park in Denmark. Clerk states she spoke with the American Legion and indicates they were not opposed but raised the awareness as to additional veterans who should be included. Pam Krueger has volunteered to work with Willard Bielinksi on that list of names and they will be included. Also she will verify discharge addresses with the Brown County Veterans office to ensure they resided in New Denmark at the time of service. Sup. Rabas also states he added a wood block to the porch to prevent the door from catching in the wind. Suggestion to move railing to prevent future damage to door jam. Sup. Rabas also states no permits were submitted for wood burners at Northern Concrete.

APPROVE INFORMATIONAL BUILDING & CULVERT PERMITS: K&L permit for 90x160 storage tank for NEW Digester. Sup Rabas states no parking proposal submitted with drawing and should be considered. Sup. Goestch believes that is not relevant to the request for an additional tank. Motion by Sup. Goetsch to approve permit. Sup. Rabas will not second as a parking plan should be first provided. Seconded by Chairman Krueger. 2 ayes, 1 opposed. MC. Keith/Lisa Rienow of 5712 Aspen Court for a 36’x 28’ detached garage. Building to be located 10 feet from property line upon confirmation from the Parks Dept. Motion by Sup. Goetsch and seconded by Sup. Rabas to accept with approved setbacks. MC. Steve and Jessica Chada of 6460 for culvert on NW corner Kvitek Rd. Sup. Rabas states he reviewed. Motion by Sup. Goetsch and seconded by Sup. Rabas to accept. MC

ASSESSOR’S REPORT: Gary Taicher states the Board of Review will be held on May 17, 2010 from 6-8 p.m. Date to be confirmed with Clerk and notices to be published.

OVERVIEW OF ANNUAL REVIEW: Virginia Hinz from Schenk presents Annual Review Report. Increase income for 2009 has decreased due to economical downturn. Town has a healthy fund balance and Town is financially in good standing. The legal debt margin for the Town would be 6.5 million. Sup. Goetsch inquires as to full audit vs. annual review. A complete audit not necessary when a municipality maintains a separate Clerk / Treasurer. With an Annual Review she completes a full audit of all accounts and balances. The only addition with a complete audit would be internal control checks.

CSM FOR DENNIS PETERSON (ND-183-7) Aspen Court for 7.738 acre lot: Sup. Rabas questions house location and why other driveway options could not be considered. Sup. Goetsch states it would be a shared driveway either way. Need to act what is presently before them. Sup. Goetsch states based on what is being requested, the proposed CSM, the Plan Commission notes and recommendation, the Petersons have met the basic requirements of complying with the Smart Growth Plan and minimum acreage. Easements are a legal way of handling issues at hand and sees no reason not to approve. Chairman Krueger states easements should be between the property owners and not the Town. Motion by Sup. Goetsch to accept proposed CSM. Sup Rabas will not second and stays with the Plan Commission vote and would like to see it within 2 parcels. Seconded by Chairman Krueger. 2 ayes, 1 opposed. MC Motion by Sup. Goetsch and seconded by Sup. Rabas to approve Information Building permit for ND-183-7 for single family home approved. MC

APPOINTMENT OF PLAN COMMISSION MEMBERS: Sup. Goestch inquires of those present if they are willing and able to continue serving on this commission. All express an interest. Chairman Krueger nominates the followings: Keith Brunner (3), Paul Huguet (3), Steve Olsen (1), William Krueger (1), Kathy Janssen (1) and alternates – Mike Calewarts and Michael Gaworek to the Plan Commission. Motion by Sup. Goetsch to accept and approve nominations. Seconded by Sup. Rabas. MC.

APPOINTMENT OF VARIANCE COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Chairman Krueger nominates Jolyce Rupp (2) in place of Dan Ullman and Ken Kafka (2) in place of Orlane Moore. Jim Wavrunek (1) year with alternates being Jesse Watzka and Richard Bradley. Motion by Sup. Goetsch and seconded by Sup. Rabas to accept and approve. MC

APPROVE/RENEW FIRE CONTRACT: Chairman Krueger states the annual rate for next year will likely double due to the purchase of new equipment. He spoke with Town of Eaton and there is discussion they may outsource to the next town. Sup. Goetsch requests a meeting with the Fire Dept to discuss future rate increases and should have advance notice prior to issuing the contract 3 weeks before it is set to be renewed. Atty. Sickel states the Fire Dept should provide the Town with the number of volunteers serving and a list of equipment. Motion by Sup. Goetsch and seconded by Sup. Rabas to approve 2010-2011 contract in the amount of $32,153. MC

ROAD & BRIDGE REPORT: Jerry from Advance Construction present to discuss Town Hall Bridge project. Should take 3 weeks start to finish. Sup. Rabas inquires about prior installation of this type of culvert and testing of box. Specs to be provided by manufacturing and will be submitted to Town. Screening and silt fence to be removed when vegetation reaches acceptable height. Advance has worked with County in the past and would not have any problem with them providing inspection. Will work with Town to deposit extra soil excavated from site. Motion by Sup. Goetsch to have Brown County oversee/supervise Town Hall Bridge project. Seconded by Sup. Rabas. MC. Sup. Rabas states Kaminski Lane sign stolen, again. Sup. Rabas to check into 50% saving on chip sealing program through County Hwy Improvement Program. The Town would be responsible for grinding. Kewaunee County is putting out bids for road work – chip sealing and black top. Sup. Goetsch inquires about touring town roads for improvement. Hole in culvert near Town Hall Road/Hwy T – would fall under County repair. Weight limit signs to be removed by next week Monday – April 19, 2010. Chairman Krueger states repair to right-of-way needed on Irish Road near KB/BB as two feet has been pulled up with snowplowing.

GRASS CUTTING – RIGHT OF WAYS: Motion by Sup. Goetsch and seconded by Sup. Rabas to put out for bids similar to last year. MC

PLAN COMMISSION RECOMMENDATIONS: Recommendation to proceed with Zoning Administrator position: Chairman Krueger states most if not all municipalities have a separate Zoning Administrator with most keeping separate Building Inspector due to different certification requirements. Discussion of job duties and salary per diem. The Plan Commission designated a subcommittee to put together a job description. Motion by Sup. Goetsch to table until clear job description has been prepared by Plan Commission. Seconded by Sup. Rabas. MC. Recommendation for building moratorium while zoning ordinances are being updated: Discussion how large of building moratorium is being recommended by the Plan Commission. Sup. Rabas states house location affected if maximum set backs are enforced. Motion by Sup. Goetsch to send back to Plan Commission for more specifics as to proposed moratorium and type of buildings affected (such as single family homes, etc.). Seconded by Sup. Rabas. MC

CORRESPONDENCE: None. Sup. Goetsch states he is unavailable on May 10th and would recommend the next Town Board meeting be conducted on alternative date. May 3, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. selected for next Town Board meeting.

PAYMENT OF BILLS: Motion by Sup. Rabas and seconded by Sup. Goetsch to pay bills. MC. Motion by Sup. Rabas and seconded by Sup. Goetsch to adjourn at 9:10 p.m. MC

Prepared by Michelle Wallerius, Clerk
Approved: May 3, 2010

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