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Public Hearing Re: Proposed 2010 Annual Budget
Oct 26, 2009


The public hearing regarding the proposed 2010 Budget was called to order at 7:10 p.m. by Chairman Krueger. Copies of the Proposed 2010 Budget provided to residents for review and consideration.

Gary Moore of 5526 N. Town Hall Road inquires about the year to date cost of highway plowing and construction. Expenditures only at $200,000. Sup. Rabas states all the road work projects are not yet included in this cost. Park Road bridge, Steve’s Cheese bridge repairs – and repaving of Pine Grove Road. Gary also inquires as to the revenues received for 2010 as compared to last year? Board unsure of those numbers. Clerk provides Board with 2009 budget. Chairman Krueger states Shared Revenues are down $7,000, Highway Aids are up $3,000 and Recycling Grant up $2,400. The balance of revenues remained the same with the 2010 shared revenues falling within $1,000 of last year.

Steve Olsen inquires what the assessed value of property is for the Town as the assessment will affect the Mill rate and that is the figure that is necessary to calculate how much money the Town must collect to operate. Assessor has those current figures and the Clerk has not yet received the State’s final Statement of Assessment which includes the manufacturing rates. Steve Olsen would like to see the Assessor here at the Budget meeting and the monthly Town Board meetings to assist with valuation.

Gary Moore inquires if the Board is using the General Reserve Fund – Sup. Goetsch states yes, but less than last year.

Sup. Goetsch states the finalized assessed values are typically available early to mid November.

No further questions or comments. Meeting closed at 7:20 p.m.

Prepared by:
Michelle Wallerius, Clerk

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