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Plan Commission Meeting Minutes
Jun 15, 2010

JUNE 15, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.

A meeting of the Plan Commission was called to order on Tuesday, June 15, 2010 at 7:00 pm. by Chairman Krueger. Present: Chairman William Krueger, Kathy Janssen, Steve Olsen, Norbert Hansen, Keith Brunner, Francis Rabas, Paul Huguet, Michael Gaworek, Michael Calewarts and Michelle Wallerius, Clerk.

FINALIZE UPDATES TO THE TOWN ZONING CODE: All zoning code revisions reviewed and compared to Plan Commission books/notes. Kathy Janssen believes the Comprehensive Plan aligns with revisions. Revisions to be provided to Atty. Sickel to formalize proposed changes.

JOB DESCRIPTION/DUITES FOR ZONING ADMINISTRATOR: Paul Huguet submits proposed job description. Discussion about pay scale and proposes a percentage for fees collected from fees collected be designated to the Zoning Administrator. Review and revision of fees charged for re-zoning requests and variance requests. Fee to be established at $350.00 – Discussion about 25% - 20% - 18% to Zoning Administrator w/ reimbursement for mileage. Fee should cover all expense when re-zoning requests are made and not burden the taxpayer. Discussion if per diem payment should be also established with percentage as the Zoning Administrator will be required to field and direct many inquires that will never result in an actual re-zoning or variance application.

Keith Brunner recommends formal CSMs be submitted to the Plan Commission with all zoning requests. The Commission should not allow sketched or hand-drawn maps. Norb Hansen supports that recommendation. With a Zoning Administrator, that person can provide direction and insight to the party seeking a re-zoning request. Discussion if a fee to review/approve a CSM should be charged no when zoning change is required. Plan Commission decides a fee of $350.00 should be charged to cover the meeting of the Plan Commission. Land changes over 10 acres will not require a CSM. Steve Olsen states it is also a way to build revenue for the Zoning Administrator salary.

Discussion if contracting and/or sharing a Zoning Administrator/Building Inspector would make more sense financially. Town of Scott currently contracts with Dale Fiddler who resides in Eaton. The Town of Scott is looking to share more time and he could service the Town of New Denmark 1 day a week at $4,800 a year and fill both positions.

Plan Commission to be paid $30 per meeting – no matter what is placed on the agenda.

responsible for testing private wells – property owner is responsible for cost. NEW to monitor wells
located adjacent to digester. Francis Rabas questions tipping fee for waste being hauled in. Members of the Commission feel that would be construed as an illegal tax and who would police. Francis states it could be based off the number of trucks they report in their quarterly reports. Conditional Use Permit for Digester to be renewed yearly with quarterly reports provided directly to the Bd for review. Discussion on appropriate fee for permit. Steve Olsen recommends $2,000 due to cost of operation, use of town roads and incident of illegal dumping which has occurred. Members discuss $500. Why be average when a Digester is anything but average with many unknowns. Kathy Janssen proposes $1,000. Francis recommends $1,500 to split the difference. Plan Commission unanimously agrees on $1,500 conditional use fee for Digester to be renewed yearly.

Motion by Keith Brunner and seconded by Francis Rabas to adjourn at 9:15 p.m. MC
Prepared by: Michelle Wallerius, Clerk

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